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Of course, everybody knows content is king. But I'd like to expand on this, and discuss some of my thoughts on the development and structuring of content, particularly for blogs.

Without sounding too much like a crazy Egyptian, I think - to write a successful blog you need to build a pyramid of content. Whatever your blog niche, the pyramid will be made up of three levels.

The pyramid content structure of a blog

Level 1 - The Base of the Pyramid

Most of your content will consist of the pyramid base. It will be stuff like news stories, interactions with other blogs, quick articles and updates to previous posts. These pieces of content will be the quickest to produce (you may even outsource them), but will generally have the minimum potential in terms of being shared by your readers.

You could even say that these base pieces of content are the weakest blocks in your pyramid, but you have a lot of them and they are built regularly, so they are still vitally important (how would the rest of the pyramid be built without them, duh?).

Level 2 - The Middle of the Pyramid

Ok, so a smaller proportion of your content is made up of these middle blocks. These are typically articles which you spend a bit longer on. They could include some original analysis, an interview, a how-to guide or instructional video. These pieces of content will have more potential for being shared and liked by your readers.

Level 3 - The Top of the Pyramid

Right. So you can see where this is going. The top of the pyramid is made up of very few pieces of content, perhaps just three of four per year. But you spend the most time creating this content and it has the maximum potential in terms of being shared and linked to by your readers. Some people call it link bait, I prefer the expression: great shareable content. There's plenty of articles around the web on how to create great linkable content, but some examples include funny or creative videos, great resources for your niche like Jon Cooper's list of link building strategies or even iconic pictures of 1980s memorabilia.

Once you've spent a few months building your blog content in this way and you start receiving more and more traffic to your website, each level of the pyramid will be amplified. Because of your reputation and previous history of creating great (level 2/level 3) content, your bottom blocks will also get shared more. All the content on your blog will work together.

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