Top 7 Crap Celebrity Websites to Make You Cringe!

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Now, you would have thought that celebrities, of all people, would invest in beautiful, all singing, all dancing websites.

They're constantly in the public eye, right? They surely need to make a lasting impression on their adoring fans.

Well, I thought I'd go rooting around the Internet to check out the homepages of some UK celebrities. I got quite a surprise to say the least. Stumbling upon some of the most ridiculous, cringe-worthy websites ever seen! So without further ado, take a look at this lot.

Trevor Nelson

Lets get started with Cool Radio 1 DJ Trevor Nelson. Working for one of the worlds most highly rated media organisations, you would expect a beautiful looking website, right?

Trevor Nelson official website

Wrong. Perhaps this isn't the official site, I hear you ask? According to Wikipedia, it is:

Trevor Nelson official website

Trisha Goddard

Probably most famous for her late-nineties morning chat show, Patricia "Trisha" Goddard actually won a BAFTA for her work in front of the camera.

Trisha Goddard official website

Her website however, is certainly in no danger of winning any awards. I particularly enjoyed the Talk to Us page. Completely blank! Perhaps she is trying to tell us something?

Vinne Jones

Moving onto football hard man turned Hollywood movie star, Vinne Jones.

Vinne Jones website

Now, he's a big guy, so I'll say this as politely as I can. Vinnie old chap, maybe you need to have a little think about your website design?

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy's website might not look THAT bad on first glance, but if you scroll down to the bottom.

Jeremy Clarkson Website

What's this? Some nasty error messages.

Lord Sugar

One of the biggest shocks for me was the Amstrad website. Lord Sugar is worth an estimated £770 million and must be the most successful businessman ever to come out of Hackney, surely he could give his Amstrad site a touch up?

Alan Sugar website

Granted, it's not the worst site in the world. But it certainly looks very 'late nineties/early naughties'. There's no social media, and the site is definitely designed for low resolution monitors.

Michael Caine

As the website reads: Michael Caine, one of the most distinguished and notable movie actors of the past five decades.

Michael Caine website

Shame the same can't be said about his website. Frames everywhere! Horrible.

Julian Clary

Finally, the recent winner of Celebrity Big Brother Julian Clary.

Julian Clary website

I know, the pink sparkly background is all part of Julian's image. But the website looks dated and amateurish to me.

Can you find any more shocking celebrity websites? Please comment and let me know!

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