First Investment: 250 Quid in Quindell Portfolio PLC

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Over the festive period, besides stuffing my face and getting fat, I've been busy looking for potential investment opportunities.

As I mentioned before, I really am a novice at this. However, one thing I have picked up on is that research and background reading is important (duh).

Insider Buying

The first thing I learnt about investing in stocks and shares, is to look at director dealings. Basically, if a company director invests heavily in their own company, it's generally a good sign. They obviously know more about the company than I possibly could after just a couple of hours of research, so why not just look for the smoking gun?

This makes perfect logical sense to me, so thought I'd use insider buying as a start to deciding on where to buy.

Quindell Portfolio PLC

After a quick flick through the Financial Times director dealings page, Quindell Portfolio PLC (QPP) caught my eye.


Quindell Portfolio PLC specialise in insurance and telecommunications

Get this, the Executive Chairman of the Board: Robert Terry bought 625,000 shares (about £100k's worth) on 27th December 2012.

Again, the following day he bought another 250,000 shares (£41k).

Now, I'm no expert, but this has got to be a good sign right? I mean, he must be pretty confident in Quindell if he invested so much of his own cash into it.

I'm not one to rush, so decided to find out what I could about Quindell.

Buy Buy Buy

After learning about the company, and reading up on their financial situation (half of which, I didn't really understand if I'm honest), I stumbled across this article by The Telegraph.

Basically a tip, to buy into Quindell (for a whole bunch of reasons).

I was now thinking, this is probably enough of a reason to buy, so I did!

It's pretty exciting stuff really. I'm enjoying the research side of things, and learning about different strategies involved in buying and selling stock. Since I bought the shares at 15.89p, they've increased to 17.00p, making me a whole £16.96 (or 6.99% ROI).

Now, pride comes before a fall and all that, so expect the price to crash in the coming months.

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