New Year: New 1000 Quid Investment Adventure

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investment adventure

Right then, I've decided to have a play on the London Stock Exchange.

I've got some spare cash floating around in my bank account, so why not. The way I see it, I'm only earning 1% interest in my current account, I'd rather have a bit of a gamble and maybe learn something in the process, than let my wonga sit there collecting dust.

Obviously I understand the risks involved, which is why I'll only be playing with £1000 to start with.

If I lose all that, then this might be a very short adventure. But I intend to learn the hard way by getting stuck in. I have to say, apart from investing a few hundred quid, a couple of years ago, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing! I understand basic concepts, but really am new to this.

Thought it would be fun to blog about the whole experience. Lets see how it all goes.

I've found an execution only trading website which allows me to buy/sell shares at £5.95 a pop. So, lets get cracking.

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