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I'm a big motor sports fan, particularly Formula 1. Over the last couple of years it's really started getting interesting again. With the redesign of tires to increase degradation, strategy has become more important than ever.

Plus the development of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) and the Drag Reduction System (DRS) mean lots of overtaking and wheel-to-wheel action. I love it!

Anyways, the season is spread over 8 months, from March to November. During this time, the 20 races are held in 19 countries around the globe. Yesterday I wanted to find out when the next race was taking place, so did a quick Google search for 'Formula 1 Calendar'. The results I got were surprising:

Google results of formular 1 calendar

Google very nicely displayed a table of exactly what I was looking for - a formula 1 calendar. These weren't rich snippets or site links from a website, but integrated data from Google. Much like Google calculator or Google weather, the information was displayed above any website results.

I immediately tried searching for other schedules, and looked for 'Barclays Premier League Fixtures', 'World Snooker Schedule' and 'National UK Holidays 2012'. But no calendar was being displayed.

I wonder why the Formula 1 schedule is appearing, but not the Premier League fixtures? In the UK, football is much more popular than motor sport. How does Google decide on which search queries to add its own data?

Google is inevitably becoming more and more helpful with these pieces of information. It'll become increasingly difficult for SEOs to attract traffic to sites with traditional 'informational' articles. For example it's now worthless to write an article on the 2012 F1 calendar, as people find the info before even clicking on a result.

It'd be interesting to see how the traffic has dropped for this query, for the official formula 1 website appearing at the top position. Facinating times indeed...

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is a UK based SEO consultant. He is also a keen blogger, poker player, world traveller and fitness enthusiast. Read more on his about page.

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