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Google's Search by Image feature is now about 1 year old, and seems to be getting more and more accurate (and fun). I had never really used this feature before, but it recently came in very handy for a project I was working on.

I decided to demonstrate its coolness by setting up a little quiz. I took 10 Twitter profile pictures from some of the most well known people in SEO, and searched for their images using the feature. Can you guess the SEOs twitter profile pictures I used for each search?

Here's an example to get you started, using Wil Reynolds Twitter profile picture:

People that look like Wil Reynolds

Simple right! (thank you Lynn Conley) How many of these can you guess correctly?

Press the 'Toggle Answer' button to reveal the correct profile image

look-a-like 1

look-a-like 2

look-a-like 3

look-a-like 4

look-a-like 5

look-a-like 6

look-a-like 7

look-a-like 8

look-a-like 9

look-a-like 10

Tweet your score! (Be honest, now):

If you're interested in learning more about the Search by Image feature, check out this video.

There's also a detailed article by Matt McGee, right here. This was written back in 2011 when the feature was first unveiled by Google.

You can even get a Chrome app or Firefox plug-in to right-click any picture and instantly search for similar images.

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