7 Corking Ways to Promote Your Online Content (For Free)

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When it comes to blogs, the majority of online writers don't actually know much about promoting them. And, after all the research and hard work that's gone into the content, it seems such a terrible waste (violins at the ready).

So if you've got great content that deserves shouting about, here are several cracking ways of promoting your online content. As well as being straightforward, they're all also completely free.

Social Networking Sites


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First thing's first, if you haven't already, jump on the social network bandwagon and create a Twitter account and Facebook page for your site. Once you've got into the swing of posting on these, join other social network sites like LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. They're all terrific tools when it comes to promoting your stuff.

Give Your Visitor The Option to Email the Post


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Give the reader of your online content the opportunity to forward the post to their friends. Not only will they be providing their friend with interesting content, they'll be publicising your blog too. Everyone's a winner!

Comment on Other Blogs

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A nifty way of attracting visitors to your site is to comment on other blogs. Better still, most comment sections actually give the option of linking back to your site. However, any comments you do leave should have 'real value'. Show your knowledge and expertise on the topic in question and people will want to seek out your blog for more information. So, what are you waiting for? Get commenting on relevant blogs and sit back and enjoy the increase in traffic to your site.

Submit Your Blog to Voting Sites

Another effective way of ensuring your content gets noticed is to submit your blog post to websites such as StumbleUpon, BlogEngage and Reddit. Providing valuable back links, voting sites like these will point traffic in your direction.

Flauntt It


We all know the saying "If you've got it, flaunt it" and this exact saying should apply to your online content. That's how Flauntt came about. A clever Twitter tool, with Flauntt you can promote any article, blog post, video or any other website content you like.

So how does it work? Well on your first visit to Flauntt you'll instantly receive 15 credits. You can then earn more credits by tweeting other member's stuff. You only need 25 credits to flaunt your very own stuff. How awesome is that? Probably one of the most effective ways of promoting your online content, head over to Flauntt today and get cranking up those credits.

Word of Mouth

A very powerful form of advertising, word of mouth is up there when it comes to the top ways of promoting a blog. So go on, get telling everyone you know about how great your website is and its popularity will spread like wildfire.

Social Buttons

Social buttons are considerably worthwhile to have on your blog. With just one click of them, the visitor can instantly share your content with their friends or colleagues via a social networking site, like Twitter or Facebook. Good eh? A very powerful tool, without these buttons on your website, you could potentially be missing out on a large amount of visitors to your site. If you don't have the buttons yet, get them in place!

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